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Clubbali Indonesia Timeshare has been leading the Indonesian Holiday Ownership Industry since 1991.

The best family holiday accommodation in Indonesia.

Clubbali part of Loka Wisata Asri PT, clubbali offers villas, Hotels, Resort and apartments with facilities and amenities that provide a practical advantage over normal hotel and resort accommodation, including fully-equipped kitchens with microwave ovens, remote-controlled televisions, whirlpool baths and twice daily maid service.

Clubbali main objective is to provide holiday accommodation in some of Indonesia's most popular holiday destinations.

Also clubbali has reciprocal exchange agreements extend to destinations including Australia, Europe, U.S.A, Malaysia and South Africa. A total of more than 60 destinations are available can be used for your holiday

Lets's Joint with clubbali for your family holiday.


Hawaii Resort       Jayakarta BaliResort       Javahighland Resort

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Clubbali Book & Reservation for your holiday destination.


Clubbali Exchange convertion payment to your cost.

Transfer Services

Clubbali Accomodation for international destinations.

Domestic & Foreign Destination

Clubbali destination with thousand local & international hotel/resort.

Our Affiliated

Swiss Garden Vacation Club

  • Palace of the Golden Horses, Selangor , Malaysia

  • etc.

Legend Vacation Club

  • LVC Pinnacle New World

  • LVC Yihe Palace Hotel

  • etc

Club Absolute

  • Bangla Suite

  • Twind Sand Resort

  • etc

DAE World Wide Resort

  • Duta Village Beach Resort

  • KL Plaza Suite

  • etc

Club LA Costa Resort Hotel

  • Club La Costa Alpine Center

  • Trenython Manor

  • etc

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